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The journey back to our true selves.

A Return to Divinity was designed with the sole intention of helping others identify and understand their physical, psychological, and spiritual needs in order to promote a more holistic approach towards healthy living. Our health and well-being are not entirely related to the diet we incorporate into our lives. They are also related to the content we choose to absorb, our connection to the spiritual world, how and with whom we communicate, the ways we cope with the stressors in our lives, boundaries, rest, and much more.

A little over five years ago I began transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle but eventually realized that while I had physically cleansed my body in many ways, other aspects of my holistic health were not being fulfilled. This recognition fueled my passion for health and wellness on a deeper level and is why I made the decision to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, to become a holistic health coach. I knew that in order to help others in a meaningful way, I also had to understand how to help myself. Throughout my studies at IIN I learned about more than 100 dietary theories, innovative coaching techniques, and diverse lifestyle management practices.

My goal is to help people facilitate their own healing by incorporating a holistic approach to life. In other words, I want to help you help yourself! Together we will focus on your unique needs and goals and create a plan that is catered specifically and strategically for YOU.

The focus of my work reflects a belief and understanding that we are never really learning something new – we are just on a continual journey of re-learning and remembering what our bodies, spirits, and minds already know. This process I’ve named A Return to Divinity.

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Lola Ciu

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